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Youth Club Meeting Feb 12, 2017

Agenda: Discussing important events from March to June.

Location: Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch Library

Attendees: Arvin Singh, Krish Soni, Dhruv and Daanish Sadhu, Ananya Ramesh, Ananya and Ayanna Sharma, Nitisha Singa, Samit Sinha

Summary: In this IAT Youth meeting, we discussed and planned on certain events taking place in the next three months.

First, we talked about the JDRF 5K that will take place in April. Saroj Uncle will appreciate it if we could have many youths attend the Walk-a-Thon and raise funds to help children with diabetes.

Saroj Uncle is also requesting for people to write about Republic Day. Your article may also be featured in the IAT Yearbook!

Next, Ananya R. presented her plans to do another canned food drive during Holi. We are trying to spread news to everyone to make this food drive more successful than last year! All food will be distributed to fight against hunger.

The Presidential Volunteer Awards for 2016 will be received in three weeks. There will be many volunteering opportunities during Holi, on March 25 so please save the date!

The last thing we discussed was IAT Science Day. It will take place sometime in July. Our main topics are:

  • Light

  • Matter

  • Pollution

  • Astronomy

  • Food Web

  • Electricity

  • Engineering

  • Microbiology

If you were unable to attend the meeting and you have a good experiment we could conduct, please email me back. We still have a lot of time, but please don't be afraid to share your ideas! We still don't know where the event is going to be held, but this time we will have more complex projects and more people to perform them! If you have any questions about this meeting, please contact me or Saroj Uncle. Thanks for your time!


Krish Soni

Youth Representative & Science Day - Lead

India Association of the Triad

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